Summer 1 half-term Newsletter

Welcome back after the Spring Break – it seemed to go very fast indeed!  It is hard to believe that we now have just 2 half-terms left before we finish for Summer and say goodbye to so many of your children.


If your child is moving on to school from September, you will find out on Tuesday 16th April which school they have been allocated.  I would be grateful if you could let me know which school your child will be attending, either by email or by letting a member of staff know in Pre-school.  This is because the “How am I doing?” documents we will be completing for your child will need to be forwarded onto the relevant schools, thank you.


As we are heading into the last full term before your child starts school, we will be encouraging children to become more independent in preparation for school life.  We would appreciate your support by encouraging your child to sort their own bag/coat/wellies on arrival at Pre-school.  This is an ideal time for you to encourage your child at home also. You will also have received, the “School Readiness” Leaflet that outlines how to help your child become “ready” for school and make the transition process as easy as possible for your child.


To help with this, we will be introducing PE on return to Pre-school after the Spring Break.  This will be on a 2 week rota to ensure that every child has the opportunity to practice getting changed, as Reception Teachers have fedback that children often struggle to change themselves when they start school.  Please ensure your child is dressed in clothes that allow them to undress themselves and shoes they are able to remove & put on themselves.  We would like you to provide a change of clothes in a named bag – tee-shirt, shorts (any old ones will do) and a pair of black Velcro pumps that can be purchased very reasonably from most supermarkets.  The dates for PE are at the bottom of this letter in a table so you can easily print it out as a reminder.

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