Summer 1st HALF TERM 2021

Welcome back after the Spring Break – at least we managed to see some sunshine in the end!  It is hard to believe that we now have just 2 half-terms left before we finish for Summer and say goodbye to so many of your children.  I hope that those of you who took tadpoles home have enjoyed looking after them and your children have enjoyed watching them to see if the legs have started growing yet!  Don’t forget to send us some pictures so we can share them with the rest of the children.  This term we will be looking after caterpillars and watching them change into butterflies before we release them.

You will by now, have found out the school place allocated to your child. Thank you to those of you who have confirmed this to me already.  Can I please ask you to let me know the school your child will be attending (unless they have an older sibling already attending, as they will automatically have been offered a place) either by email or by letting a member of staff know in Pre-school.  This is because the “How am I doing?” documents we will be completing for your child at the end of the Summer Term will need to be forwarded onto the relevant schools, thank you.