Welcome to Upton Village Pre-school

Charitable status

Upton Village Pre-school has always run as a Charity, which we feel reflects our commitment to serving all members of the community as an approachable and friendly organisation who puts any profit made back into the running of our Pre-school.

On 27th June 2019, we became a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO). This means that our Trustees on the Executive Committee have no personal financial liability following their involvement with Pre-school. As a result of this change in our legal status we have a new Charity number shown below.

Our Charity number is 1184131


A warm, friendly, and inviting environment dedicated to children

Play Areas

Our garden area is securely fenced to safeguard children.


Highly qualified staff supervise all of the children


Educational curriculum which meets all Early Years Foundation Stage requirements.


We recruited staff with passion, enthusiasm and a never ending commitment to the children


Skilled observation and interaction with the children

Classroom Facilities

The pre-school has an enviable reputation for its caring attitude to children’s education. Our standards are high and we believe that the most valuable thing we can give the children is our time so we ensure that we have a high staff to child ratio.

Voted GOOD by Ofsted