Pre School

3-4 years
  • £12.252.5 hour session
  • £14.703 hour session
  • £29.406 hour day

Acceptance criteria

From February 2018 we altered our acceptance criteria so that we take children from the term they turn 3.  For example, if your child’s birthday was in February, they would be eligible to start Pre-school from the January (subject to spaces being available).    Children must do either two half day sessions or one full day per week as experience has shown that children find it very difficult to settle and build relationships with any less than this.

From the term after they are three, children will be able to access 15 hours of funding each week. If your child is funded but you require additional hours over and above the 15 funded hours the cost for the extra hours  from September 2019 will be £4.90 per  hour.


We do not offer the Government 30 hours and will accept children for a maximum of 15 funded hours per week.  However, this can be either the Universal or Additional element of funding.  Your child is welcome to attend Pre-school for more than 15 hours but any additional hours will be payable and we have found that many parents do make this choice.

We also accept workplace Nursery Vouchers and accept monthly payments by cash, cheque or direct bank transfer with invoices to be cleared by the end of the full term.

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