Ofsted reports for Upton Village Pre-school

Ofsted Reports

Our last Ofsted inspection at the Upton Heath site was carried out on 30th January 2019, the full inspection report can be found by clicking on the below link.

Upton Village Pre-school Ofsted Report

Below are some comments made by the inspector.

Children’s communication and language development is supported well. Staff engage in interesting conversations with children as they share their ideas. They repeat keywords and introduce new words as children play.

Children form close attachments with staff who are good role models. They sensitively support children in their play and are kind and patient in their approach

Children relish the roles and responsibilities they are given and enjoy helping staff, particularly at ‘tidy-up’ time.

All children make good progress and are well prepared for their eventful move to school. Young children manage their self-care needs and are able to follow simple instructions.They show an ability to listen to others and take turns and share resources during play. Children’s independence is well promoted