Lunchtime at Upton Village Pre-school

When your child begins Pre-school, you may opt to include lunch with their Pre-school session.  We ask parents to provide a lunch box for children (please include small cool pack) and for many children this may be their first experience of eating a packed lunch.  Experience has shown that children respond best to familiar food items and the right quantity as children faced with lots of items to choose from tend to struggle and think they have to eat everything! For example, if you know your child will eat 2 sandwiches, a piece of fruit and a yoghurt – just pack that.  Your child might prefer a “dippy” lunch box with chopped vegetables, hummus, cheese cubes and breadsticks – again, just pack that.  We also ask you to provide a drink for your child, preferably water.

As a parent, it may also be your first time in packing a lunch box for your child, so please find two links below, which give guidelines on what to pack for your child’s lunch.  Please note that sweets and chocolate are not permitted.  Some parents do like to include a “treat” but we would ask that this is limited to a biscuit or similar item.  Due to the high salt & fat content of crisps, we would recommend that only half pack of crisps or a few in a small tub, is included within your child’s lunchbox.

Staff sit down with children to have their own lunch and will help to open tubs, packets, yoghurts etc while encouraging children to eat.  At the end of lunchtime, we check lunchboxes and your child will wash their plate before going to play.

Healthy Packed Lunches for Early Years

Healthier Lunchboxes – Change 4 Life



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