Upton Village Pre-school Mid Year Questionnaire

Each year at Upton Village Pre-school we ask our parents & carers to complete our Mid Year Questionnaire. This gives us an opportunity to find out what is working well for you and your child and to identify any improvements that you believe we can make for you and your child at Pre-school.

Please click on the link below to read our current results from February 2021

This year, due to the Pandemic we conducted an online survey, please click on the link below to read a summary of the results

Parent’s Mid-Year Questionnaire 2020-2021

For the anecdotal comments from the survey, please click on the link below.

Upton Village Pre-school Mid-Year Questionnaire 2020-2021

Below are some comments from our current parents & carers

“Friendly staff who give a warm welcome to child and parents. Good quick communication given which is difficult with the Covid restrictions and queues at pick up. I enjoy the summary of the day online with pictures, it gives me a talking point with my son to prompt him to talk about his day with me.”

“The staff are really kind and warm with the children, the SEN provision is very proactive and caring “

“Staff know the children very well. Children are provided with a range of learning opportunities. Staff work hard to ensure that children’s needs are met. “

“Every child loves to go there. My child literally runs to the door. Heather is absolutely amazing. So kind and supportive.  “

“Strength: Nurturing a child’s needs on an individual basis. They supported us as a whole family and I felt involved in plans to support my children’s needs “

“Great communication from daily updates on board and Facebook to regular emails and newsletters. Staff friendly and approachable which results in nice atmosphere  “

“Every member of staff really cares about each child and are very warm.  They all have a good knowledge of a child’s strengths and weaknesses therefore find the best way to help them progress. “

“I have seen my child’s detailed learning plan and know where the setting is focusing and where I can focus with my child. I know I can easily contact them if I have any concerns. My child is so happy to go to Pre-school and that is a big plus for me!!!  “

“My child is known by her pre-school teachers just as well as I know her, they keep me involved in her targets and goals. I find all staff to be approachable if I have things I need to discuss. My child feels happy and safe with pre school  “


A warm, friendly, and inviting environment dedicated to children

Play Areas

Our garden area is securely fenced to safeguard children.


Highly qualified staff supervise all of the children


Educational curriculum which meets all Early Years Foundation Stage requirements.


We recruited staff with passion, enthusiasm and a never ending commitment to the children


Skilled observation and interaction with the children

Voted GOOD by Ofsted